Pope being the first census of the Copts after the revolution

Decided to Pope Shenouda III, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of Saint Mark Episcopate conduct the first census of the Copts in Egypt after the revolution, by "commissions lack" the level of each AbreicheatRepublic.
Information forms will be distributed and collected by dioceses across the country and submitted to provincial bishoprics.  Results will then be compiled and submitted directly to the Pope. The Church’s census will for the first time include all the Christian denominations in Egypt, not just the Coptic Orthodox, which constitutes the largest Christian denomination in Egypt. It will also be the first in post-revolution Egypt. Prior to the uprising, there were significant differences between government estimates of the Coptic population and those of the Church.

Source:- http://news.egypt.com/english/permalink/61132.html ,    http://www.alwafd.org

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