Syrian Orthodox Church

Syrian Orthodox Church is the one of the oriental orthodox Churches, 
based in the Eastern part of Mediterranean, with members of the church 
spread throughout all over the world. The foundation of the Church goes 
back to the early Apostolic days. This event (foundation) in the history 
is recorded in the Book of Acts of Apostles 11:26. ("The disciples were 
first called Christians in Antioch.") St. Peter Himself established his 
See on 37 AD in Antioch. Therefore, He is considered the founder and the 
first Patriarch of the Syrian Orthodox Church. The history of Syrian 
Orthodox Church and name of the Church is also closely associated with 
the Syrians, the inhabitants of the land of Syria or Aram where the 
Antioch is located. They accepted primacy of St. Peter. The Church’s 
current head is the Patriarch Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas. He resides in 
Damascus, Syria. The Syrian Orthodox Church has about 56 archdioceses and 
11 patriarchal vicarates all over the world. Patriarch Mor Ignatius Zakka 
I Iwas was enthroned head of the Syrian Orthodox Church on 14 September 

Patriarch Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas

The church in India, Malankara Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church is an 
integral part of the Syrian Orthodox Church, with the Antiochean 
Patriarch as its supreme head. The local head of the Jacobite Syrian 
Church in India is the Catholicose of India, currently His Beatitude Mor 
Dr. Baselios Thomas I, ordained by the Patriarch Mor Ignatius Zakka I 
Iwas in 2002 and accountable to the Antiochean Patriarch. Knanaya Syrian 
Christians in India and all over the world are also under the Syrian 
Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch. The Liturgical language of the Syrian 
Orthodox in India is partly Malayalam and partly Syriac. 
H.B. Dr. Baselios Thomas I Catholicose

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