Oriental Orthodox Churches Council Meeting at Western USA

On 10th May, 2011 Archbishop Serapion of the Coptic Archdiocese, Mor Clemis Eugene Kaplan, Bishop of the Western Archdiocese of Syrian Orthodox Church, H.E. Moushegh Mardirosian, Bishop of the Armenian church, and members of 3 dioceses priests participated in their regular OOCC (Oriental Orthodox Churches Council) Meeting. Upon arriving of the three Archbishops they went to the cathedral Church with all Priests and offered prayer each in their own languages. The council meeting was hosted by the Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese (Western) Headquarter at Saint Ephraim Cathedral in Burbank, which began with short prayer followed by the discussions on the mutual matters of the church which were listed on the main agendas, and the main activities of the 3 unified ancient churches, in particular the Sunday School and Youth programs, and joint Priests Divine Liturgy. As a new business the council meeting discussed the pathetic situations of the Christians in Middle East Countries especially new burned Coptic Orthodox Churches in Egypt.  

The next Oriental Orthodox Churches Council meeting will be held at the Holy Martyrs Armenian Orthodox Church at Encino, on 25th August, 2011. After the council meeting, the attendees of meeting was enjoyed an agape meal, which provided by the Syrian Orthodox Western Archdiocese. 

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