Oriental Orthodox Churches: An Introduction

Oriental Orthodox churches are ancient churches in the world. These Churches were founded in the time apostles, by themselves or by their first disciples. The doctrinal position of Oriental Orthodox Churches is based on the teachings of the first three ecumenical councils. (Nicea, Constantinople, Ephesus). The School of Alexandria has guided and shaped the theology of Orietnal Orthodox Churches. The teachings of St. Cyril the Great constitute the foundation of the Christology of Oriental Orthodox Churches. The theology of Oriental Orthodox Churches is biblical and is embodied in spirituality and mysticism. These churches not strictly rejected the dogmatic definitions of the Council of Chalcedon.
The Main Oriental Orthodox Churches are:

1. The Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria
            * The French Coptic Orthodox Church (France)
            * The British Orthodox Church (UK)

2. The Armenian Apostolic Church (Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin )

3. The Armenian Apostolic Church (Holy See of Cilicia )  

4. The Syrian Orthodox Church
            * The Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church

5. The Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church

6. The Indian Orthodox Syrian Church

7. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Oriental Orthodox Churches rejected the Fourth Ecumenical Council of AD 451 which is known as the Council of Chalcedon. This council was summoned by the bishops not to define Christology, but to fine tune it and to examine the extreme "monophysite" heresy of the Alexandrian Eutyches who took the Christology of St. Cyril to an extreme, seeing in Christ a humanity which was lost, swallowed up in a see of divinity. The Oriental Orthodox Church Fathers rejected not only Eutyches, but also the definitions and acts of Chalcedon.


  1. official name of Indian orthodox church is Malankara Syrian orthodox churvh or malankara Orthodox Syrian Church?

    Abhilash Pathanamthitta


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